Pre-authorisation is a verification and assurance system adopted by hotels around the world to check the veracity of credit cards provided by guests at the time of booking. Pre-authorisation is a temporary block of a specific amount on a credit card and works as a kind of confirmation deposit. This transaction does not generate any type of bank movement on the customer’s current account because it is not accounted for, therefore, IT IS NOT A CHARGE. The authorisation is issued by the reference bank, or by the manager of the credit card circuit. The Pre-authorisation therefore makes it possible to “reserve” an amount to verify the validity and economic coverage of the credit card issued by the customer at the time of booking. This guarantees the availability of the amount for the final booking confirmation and avoids requesting a deposit from the Customer by bank or postal transfer.
If your departure time is after 10:00 am, you can still have our luggage storage at your disposal.
Our Hotel is located in Fetovaia, on the Island of Elba. Click here to get directions
For payments, we accept all major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

For incoming guests, rooms are available from 3:00 pm. On the day of departure, the room must be vacated by 10:00 am. However, luggage storage is available for guests arriving earlier or planning to leave Fetovaia later.

If you arrive in the morning and the room is ready, you can already check in and enter the room. Otherwise, you can park your car and wait on the terrace or at the bar.

Alternatively, you can always use the hotel services to change to wait comfortably at the nearby beach.

For some reason, you may be forced to cancel your reservation. We are always available to check with you every possible option. Contact us and together we will try to solve this problem!

You can rent it directly at the hotel or book it at external services that often also offer delivery of the vehicle directly to the hotel. If you have one, you can take it with you and request a place to store it at the hotel.

You can also reach the Island of Elba with a flight to Campo nell’Elba airport. During the summer, Elba is in fact connected with the cities of Pisa, Florence, Milan Linate, Bologna and Lugano with direct flights.

The Campo nell’Elba Airport is about 12 kilometres from Hotel Anna. Thanks to its strategic location, in a few minutes you can start exploring the natural beauties of Fetovaia and the enchanting beach.

Upon reservation, we are able to arrange transfers to and from the various landing points.

We recommend checking directly on the Trenitalia website for information on timetables and costs, remembering that the arrival station to be selected is Piombino Marittima or alternatively Campiglia Marittima from where you can then reach the port also through Bus or Taxi services.

By car from the North

If you come from the North, you can take the A12 motorway towards Genoa – Livorno and exit at Rosignano Marittimo. From there, continue on the S.S. Aurelia to Venturina – Elba Island, and from there continue towards Piombino Marittima.

By car from the Northeast

If you come from the Northeast, you can take the A1 Bologna – Florence – Pisa – Livorno motorway and exit at Rosignano Marittimo. Continue on the S.S. Aurelia to Venturina – Island of Elba and from there continue towards Piombino Marittima.

Alternatively, you can take the Florence – Pisa – Livorno motorway: exit at Firenze Signa and follow the SS to Collesalvetti; then return by motorway to Rosignano Marittimo and take the motorway to Venturina, then towards Piombino Marittima.

By car from the South

If you are coming from the South, take the A12 Rome – Grosseto motorway to take the S.S. Aurelia and exit at Venturina – Elba Island, then continue towards Piombino Marittima.