At Hotel Anna we offer nine different types of rooms. Our rooms have been completely redesigned and renovated with care to offer a modern and elegant style, ensuring a high-quality stay experience.

All our rooms have an independent entrance and, with the exception of the “No balcony” room type, they have a private balcony or patio, which will allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature directly from your room.

Even the smallest rooms will allow you to live a unique stay experience on the Island of Elba, while taking advantage of cheaper rates.

2+2 guests ± 25 Mq
2 guests ± 18 Mq
2 guests ± 14 Mq
2+1 guests ± 23 Mq
4 guests 2 rooms per ± 18 Mq
2 guests ± 14 Mq
2+2 guests ± 20 Mq
2 guests ± 15 Mq
2 guests ± 25 Mq