Fetovaia Island of Elba

Hotel Anna overlooks one of the most beautiful bays on the island, surrounded by greenery in a quiet position, 450 metres from the golden beach of Fetovaia, which can be reached on foot in five minutes by means of a comfortable path.

The location of Hotel Anna

The golden beach of Fetovaia is just 450 metres away and is easily reachable on foot in just five minutes through an easy path.

The Island of Elba, the largest of the Tuscan Archipelago, is a gem in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea, located between Corsica and the Tuscan coast, from which it is about ten kilometres away and from which it is separated by the Piombino Channel.

With an area of 223.52 km², Elba is the third largest island in Italy after Sicily and Sardinia. Its shape is approximately triangular, with a perimeter of 147 km, a length of 27 km and a maximum width of 18 km.

The climate of the Island of Elba is particularly mild, with average annual temperatures between 15° and 16°. Average seasonal temperatures range from 10°C in winter, 14°C in spring, 23°C in summer and 17°C in autumn. Monthly sea temperatures follow a similar trend, with the sea warmer during the summer months: April 19°, May 20.2°, June 24.1°, July 26.8°, August 27.3°, September 25.5° and October 23.1°.

The island of Elba is renowned for the variety of colours and types of its coasts, the beauty of its beaches and the majestic Monte Capanne, 1,019 metres high, and has long become one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions.

The main road network, about 160 km long, is completely paved, while there are other scenic dirt roads for about 80 km.

The Island of Elba has a very long history: already inhabited in prehistoric times and known for its iron mines at the dawn of the Historical Era, it was called “Ilva” by the Ligurians, “Aethalia” by the Greeks.

Over the centuries it was first Ligurian, then Greek, then Etruscan and for centuries Roman; it was controlled by the Pisans, the Appians and the Medici, and has seen the domination of several European powers, which have left obvious historical traces.

In particular, the Medici Family, who left indelible marks on the city of Portoferraio, renamed Cosmopolis, in honour of Cosimo dei Medici, and the Spaniards, who erected two imposing fortresses to guard the island: the fortress of San Giacomo and Forte Focardo in Porto Azzurro.

Napoleon’s brief reign (1814-1815, 9 months and 23 days) also left a significant legacy on the island, including the Villa dei Mulini and the Villa di San Martino, the ancient churches of Portoferraio, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte in Marciana Alta and other locations.
From an administrative point of view, the island is currently divided into seven municipalities: Portoferraio, Campo nell’Elba, Capoliveri, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Porto Azzurro and Rio.

The Island of Elba is renowned for its fine wines, excellent cuisine, combined with the beauty of its nature, with crystal clear seas, pristine beaches and a mild climate. It is an ideal destination for a tourist stay in any season.

How to reach us by car, bus and train

To get to the Island of Elba, you have several options. If you travel by car, bus or train, you must reach Piombino and board the ferries to Elba, which run numerous multi-day journeys.

A single hour of navigation covers the approximately 10 kilometres that separate the island from the mainland, reaching the ports of Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo. There is also a fast connection by hydrofoil, for passenger transport only, which in just 20 minutes reaches Cavo, a fraction of Rio Marina, and continues to Portoferraio, where it arrives after a further 15 minutes of navigation.

By car from the North

If you come from the North, you can take the A12 motorway towards Genoa – Livorno and exit at Rosignano Marittimo. From there, continue on the S.S. Aurelia to Venturina – Elba Island, and from there continue towards Piombino Marittima.

By car from the Northeast

If you come from the Northeast, you can take the A1 Bologna – Florence – Pisa – Livorno motorway and exit at Rosignano Marittimo. Continue on the S.S. Aurelia to Venturina – Island of Elba and from there continue towards Piombino Marittima.

Alternatively, you can take the Florence – Pisa – Livorno motorway: exit at Firenze Signa and follow the SS to Collesalvetti; then return by motorway to Rosignano Marittimo and take the motorway to Venturina, then towards Piombino Marittima.

By car from the South

If you are coming from the South, take the A12 Rome – Grosseto motorway to take the S.S. Aurelia and exit at Venturina – Elba Island, then continue towards Piombino Marittima.

How to get there by plane

You can also reach the Island of Elba with a flight to Campo nell’Elba airport. During the summer, Elba is in fact connected with the cities of Pisa, Florence, Milan Linate, Bologna and Lugano with direct flights.

The Campo nell’Elba Airport is about 12 kilometres from Hotel Anna. Thanks to its strategic location, in a few minutes you can start exploring the natural beauties of Fetovaia and the enchanting beach.

Upon reservation, we are able to arrange transfers to and from the various landing points.