Trekking routes

Island of Elba

Trekking along the paths of the Via del Granito and the Via dei Pastori

If you are a hiking enthusiast or want to discover the natural and historical wonders of the Island of Elba, trekking along the paths of the Via del Granito and the Via dei Pastori is a not-to-be-missed experience.

This area of the Island of Elba is characterised by spectacular views and is particularly interesting from a historical and archaeological point of view, being rich in abandoned quarries, ancient granite artefacts and prehistoric sites, which can be visited along the branching trail network.

Along the way you can enjoy well-deserved stops to visit the remains of ancient goat pens, such as the Macinelle and Pietra Murata, or the area known as the Sassi Ritti, a place full of charm, probably evidence of ancient burial places highlighted by the presence of four menhirs. And the Mulino del Moncione, with the large water collection tank still intact and the works that allowed the grinding of cereals clearly visible.

These artefacts speak of the ancient history of the Island of Elba and will immerse you in a fascinating past.

Additionally, in this same area, driving towards Mount Perone you can stop to admire the majestic Torre di San Giovanni and visit the ancient Romanesque church of San Giovanni, the largest of the four main churches on Elba: San Giovanni della Ferraja (completely destroyed in the 16th century), San Lorenzo di Marciana and San Michele di Capoliveri.

Environmental guides

If you want to fully discover the beauty of the nature of the Island of Elba, you can take part in organised excursions with environmental guides. These guides know the area perfectly and will lead you through the trails, offering you valuable information about the nature, history and culture of the Island of Elba.

It will be a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the surrounding environment and enjoy a trekking experience rich in interesting details.

Hike with the Donkeys of Elba

For a truly unique adventure, you can take part in an excursion with the donkeys of the Somareria dell’Elba: a different activity in contact with docile and tame animals, suitable for children and adults of all ages.

The slow and steady step of the donkeys, characterised by numerous stops, leaves room for the observation of the places and gives the opportunity to savour the sensations that the surrounding landscape transmits. An activity that invites slowness, listening and observation.

A memorable experience for the whole family.

Somareria dell’Elba
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