Bike Land

Elba Ovest

A true paradise for two-wheel lovers

Are you a mountain bike enthusiast or would you like to explore the nature of the Island of Elba on two wheels? Starting from Hotel Anna in the direction of Sant’Ilario, several itineraries await you to discover the Elba Ovest Bike Land, a true paradise for bicycle lovers.

The trails of the Elba Ovest Bike Land cross the area of the Via del Granito, a fascinating area that overlooks the picturesque villages of San Piero and Sant’Ilario. This area is characterised by breathtaking views, enchanting natural scenery, abandoned quarries, ancient artefacts in granite and prehistoric sites.

The routes of the Elba Ovest Bike Land, of varying difficulty and length, are clearly indicated with colour-coded signs and the direction to follow.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist looking for challenges or a beginner eager to discover this fascinating island on two wheels, Elba Ovest Bike Land offers something for everyone.