Costa del Sole

Island of Elba

Kissed by the sun: the beaches near Hotel Anna

Hotel Anna offers you the opportunity to spend rejuvenating days at the sea at some of the most fascinating beaches on the Island of Elba. Fetovaia is in fact located along the road called the “Costa del Sole”, which means the “Sun Coast”, a beautiful stretch of coastline full of coves, cliffs overlooking the sea and wonderful golden beaches that extend from Sant’Andrea to Cavoli: beaches with bathing establishments that offer comfort and services and more “wild” beaches and breakwaters, perfect for those who want a wilder and more authentic experience, immersed in the natural beauty of the Island of Elba.

Fetovaia Beach

A short walk along a path will lead you to this pearl of fine golden sand and turquoise waters. Thanks to Hotel Anna’s collaboration with the partner bathing establishments on Fetovaia Beach, you will have privileged access to a world of comfort and services.

A perfect place to relax and enjoy summer at its best, just a few steps from your hotel room.

Fetovaia Pantarei beach

  • Bruno tel. 339/3670793

Arcobaleno Blue Point
If you are looking for a more flexible solution, contact Silvio for the rental and placement of the umbrella when you arrive at the beach.

  • Silvio tel. 392/9248310

Barbatoja bathing establishment

  • tel. 335/5688611

Seccheto Beach

Located along the Costa del Sole, halfway between the beaches of Cavoli and Fetovaia, Seccheto Beach offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It is characterised by golden sand and surrounded by smooth granite rocky shores that offer a more intimate refuge for sunbathing, or for a dip in an incredibly blue sea.

There are bathing facilities on the beach, and the village behind the beach offers additional services: bakeries, groceries, bars and restaurants that add a touch of comfort to your day at the beach.

Osteria del Nonno
Bar, pizzeria, spaghetteria
tel. 0565/987145 – 329/657 7787

Cavoli Beach

Just a few kilometres from Hotel Anna, the Cavoli Beach is another jewel of the Island of Elba. With its crystal clear sea and grainy sand, this bay is renowned for its particular microclimate that allows for golden tanning and sea bathing even out of season.

During the summer, Cavoli comes to life with beach parties animated by cocktails, live music and DJ sets, perfect for young people and lovers of summer fun.

Il Convio
tel. 335/6186514

Marina di Campo

The very long beach of Marina di Campo, about 10 kilometres from Hotel Anna, is characterised by golden sand and a sea that slopes very gently, ideal for children. On the left side of the beach, a delightful pine forest equipped with games for the little ones, offers shelter in the hottest and sunniest hours of the day.

Marina di Campo beach also offers a range of opportunities for sports and entertainment enthusiasts. In addition to stretches of free beach and equipped bathing establishments, you will find various activities such as diving centres, a sailing school, and rental of boats, pedal boats and water sports equipment. Thanks to the proximity of the village, you can also enjoy many services and amenities such as shops, restaurants and bars on the waterfront to savour the local delicacies.

Wild Beauty

In the vicinity of Hotel Anna, you will also find other beaches that preserve a wilder environment. Places like the beach of Colle Palombaia, equipped with a bar and a Blue Point, which due to the many steps that must be taken down and up to reach it, is ideal for enjoying a day of sea and sun, away from the usual crowd of bathers.

And then there is the Tombe Beach and the Aliva Beach, the Calle Rocks and the alluring Piscine Rocks, which do not offer services, and are ideal for those who want a more authentic sea experience.

Whether you prefer to enjoy comfort and services on the beaches or want to explore more unspoilt corners, Hotel Anna offers you the opportunity to experience the diversity of Elba’s beaches and experience unforgettable days at the sea throughout your stay.